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Bleach Halloween Exchange

Make a Bleach Fan's Day This Halloween!

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A Bleach Exchange Community
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Hello, and welcome to bleach_exchange, LJ's official Bleach "Secret Santa" Exchange for Halloween 2006!
You've probably seen one of these communities before, or at least participated in a real-life Secret Santa exchange. In case you haven't, "[a] Secret Santa is [a] Christmas ritual involving a group of people exchanging gifts anonymously." In real-life situations, everyone draws somebody else's name out of a hat and they have to buy a gift for a person. --Don't worry, no money is involved here, and the process is quite randomized. Basically, if you join and choose to participate, we will match you up to someone who you can make something for -- something along the lines of fanfiction, fanart, fan comics, music videos (AMVs), icons, layouts, mood themes, wallpapers, colorbars, or any other fan materials you can think of... anything goes at bleach_exchange!

Who came up with this concept? Unfortunately it wasn't me. This community was inspired in particular by suikosanta, but you can find many, many others like it, like at lost_hohoho and naruto_wishlist.

Why a Bleach exchange? Well... why not?! Who doesn't love Bleach these days?! We all know that the Bleach fandom is big -- and growing! And it's time for fans to unite. So, this is your chance to make another fan's day with some homemade fanworks goodies and have someone else do the same for you! This way, we can all share our love of Bleach in ways that don't involve having to spend money -- and everybody who participates gets something in return.
Could you imagine a better Halloween?! ^o^
The rules are very, very simple.
  1. Join this community here.

  2. Copy-and-paste the form below into a comment to this post and fill it out as carefully as possible, using the guidelines listed below the form here, by the sign-up deadline, September 29th.
    (NOTE: Do NOT reply to anybody else's comments to this post. We are reserving that for mod questions or anonymous questions by that person's secret santa. If you want to talk to a person because, for example, they support the same pairings as you, do so on their own journal.)

  3. On October 1st, check your e-mail at the address you listed when you signed up. You will have received an e-mail from me (across.the.sky @ gmail.com; you may want to add me to your address book or safe list to make sure I'm not spam-filtered) telling you which LiveJournal user you have been assigned to make a gift for.

  4. Revisit this post and read what wishes your recipient would like fulfilled. If necessary, post anonymous replies to their form asking them any questions you need answered in order to make their gift. (Keep it clean & nice.)

  5. Make their gift, based on ONE of their three wishes, and please do the best you can! If their 3rd choice is a lot more generic and simpler than the first two, don't just do that one because it's the easy way out if you're capable of doing their #1 and/or #2. I'll do my best to assign everyone to someone whose #1 and/or #2 wish they can fairly easily fulfill. So do the best you can with it. Just because you probably don't know the person doesn't mean that you should treat this as any less of an obligation than if you were making a gift for your own best friend. We're welcoming everyone to go all-out, if possible.

  6. Starting on October 31st (All Hallow's Eve), the community will be opened for all members to post the gift they made. (Guidelines for posting will be specified when the time comes.) So, post your recipient's gift and check back often to see if yours has been posted yet!

  7. Have fun!
So, sign up as soon as possible and get all your friends involved too! The more the merrier, and secret santa exchanges are no fun if there's only a few people involved.
With that said, and without further ado, here is the form you need to fill out in order to participate. Copy and paste the following into a comment to this post and fill it out!
<b>REQUEST 1:</b>
<b>REQUEST 2:</b>
<b>REQUEST 3:</b>
Explanations of the terms found in the form can be found here; be sure and read carefully to avoid confusion and to get the best possible match. The most important thing is to be reasonable; remember, everyone will have only 4-5 weeks to fulfill your wish, and a lot of people are busy, so don't be too demanding. Also, be both specific enough to give your secret santa enough direction, but be flexible, too. Remember, nobody here can read your mind. We'll all do the best we can do with what we are given.
Deadline to sign up: September 29th
Assignments sent out: October 1st
Gifts can start being posted: October 31st
Gifts should be posted no later than: November 7th
naruto_wishlist ♥♥♥ / karakura_chaos / ken_yachiru / yorusoi / bleach_liners / tobiume_ / ukitake_fans / soul_society / soi_fans / ichi_ruki / all_for_bleach / ikkanemu / bleach_icontest / hitsu_fans / hitsuhina / tough_lovin / division_11 / bleach_bard / sanbantaichou / yo_ur / smoking_bleach / death_n_berry / shuuran / ishi_ichi / bleach_pairings

If you'd like to be an affiliate, link us in your community's userinfo and/or within the community itself and e-mail pyrefly at across.the.sky @ gmail.com. Be sure and mention which communit(y/ies) you're representing.
bleach_exchange was founded by pyrefly and remains maintained by her; contact her at across.the.sky @ gmail.com.

jamiefawkes (Back-up Writers/Artists & Replacement Process)
susako (Graphics & Visual Advertising)

Interested in being a co-mod? E-mail pyrefly at across.the.sky @ gmail.com with a short bio, some information about what within the Bleach fandom you're into, any link(s) to LJ communit(y/ies) you have moderated/maintained, and evidence of your graphics skill and your proficiency with LJ's style system (ability to make layouts).


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